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Branding of PDF output check!
Company Contact Info (URL, Tel) Yes Yes
Company Name Yes Yes
Logo (jpg, png) Yes Yes
Customization check!
Per Release Legal Addendum Yes Yes
Preformated Data Section Yes Yes
Embed Field Data in Legal Text via Placeholders Yes Yes All data fields can now be "placed" inline with the legal text for both Android and iOS
Custom Legal Text Yes Yes Unlimited versions
Ease of use check!
Auto-save Partial Complete Releases & Return Later Yes Yes
Re-Use Previous Property Data Yes Yes Button to present list of previously used Properties for selection and re-use.
Re-Use Previous Witness Data Yes Yes Button to present list of previously used Witnesses for selection and re-use.
Re-Use Previous Model Data Yes Yes Button to present list of previously used Models for selection and re-use.
Re-Use Previous Shoot Data Yes Yes Button to present list of previously used Shoots for selection and re-use.
Easily clear edit fields Yes Yes
"Wizard" (step-by-step data entry guidance) Yes Yes Optional to use.
Import Model Data from Addressbook Yes Yes
Localization and Language Support check!
UI Localized Yes Yes iOS and Android Easy Release Pro (v3.4+) UI: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, French and Swedish.
Built-In Releases (Model & Property) in Multiple Languages Yes Yes iOS and Android Easy Release Pro (v3.4+) Release PDF's can be produced in English, Spanish, French, Swedish, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Chinese (simplified), Chinese(Taiwan) and Portuguese (European and Brazilian), Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian.
Model Data Collected check!
Parent's Name Yes Yes Mandatory for minors, optional for 21 and under.
Age Yes Yes Date can be by-passed with Adult/Minor buttons but not recommended.
Ethnicity Yes Yes Optional but is a valuable stock photography demographic keyword when model self-identifies.
Gender (sex) Yes Yes
Contact Info (email, phone) Yes Yes
Address Yes Yes
Name Yes Yes Required
Release Integrity check!
Save and Re-Use Photographer's Signature Yes Yes Optional
Requires Photographer's Signature Yes Yes
Requires Parent or Guardian Name and Signature for Minors Yes Yes Calculated from DOB when entered.
Requires Model's DOB Yes Yes Optionally you can enter just Adult or Minor instead of DOB but this isn't recommended.
Clears Signatures if Release Text of Data Changes Yes Yes
Witness Name & Signature Yes Yes Optional
Embed a Photo in Release PDF Yes Yes
Release Management check!
iCloud Sync No Yes iCloud Sync: releases, models, locations, settings, custom-templates and branding across all your iOS devices.
Dropbox, Google Drive Yes Yes Auto-Save PDF files to Cloud Storage
iOS: Dropbox and/or Google-Drive and/or iCloud-Drive
Android: Dropbox and/or Google-Drive and/or OneDrive
Send multiple release PDF’s No Yes You can now send PDF files from an entire shoot or day in one email.
Auto-Delete Old Completed Releases Yes Yes Optional (Delete 'Sent' releases older than 30 days)
Print Release PDF Yes Yes (*iOS AirPrint)
Email Release PDF Yes Yes
Output a PDF Yes Yes
Shoot Data Collected check!
Photographer's Name, Email, and Contact Info (URL) Yes Yes Stored in Default Settings
Date Yes Yes
Location Country & Region Yes Yes Via GPS if device supports.
Name & Reference/ID Yes Yes
Advanced Customization Pro-Pack - In App Purchase check!
Import/Export Custom Versions yes Yes Share custom templates via email. Recipients just click on the link in the email to import your template.
Custom Fields yes Yes

  • If the built-in fields are not enough, you can now add custom fields

  • As many as you want

  • Three types: Text, Long Text, and Date

  • Specify a label and default value for each one

  • You can mark any custom field as 'required'

Optional Fields yes Yes

  • You can turn off some of the old built-in fields, and/or turn on some new built-in fields.

  • You can choose to turn off Witness, Gender and/or Ethnicity.

  • You can turn on Shoot End Date, which allows your release to cover a range of dates, rather than just a single day.

  • You can turn on Other Names. This adds two fields to your release: Stage Name and All Other Names. Use this to help collect required 2257 information for your models and performers.

  • You can turn on Compensation. This adds two fields to your release: Amount and Tax ID.

Multiple Branding Yes Yes You can define more than one brand, and easily select the brand you want on a per-template and per-release basis.

A selection of App Store Reviews:

  • 1. Change the default email it sends from?
    ★★★★ By: phillip deez - 2024-06-29
    App works great, however I can’t figure out how to make it default-send from my business email account, not my personal tied to my mobile device via App Store, please help! Otherwise it’s 5 out of 5!

  • 2. Pretty Slick
    ★★★★★ By: tamilisa - 2023-10-29
    This is a pretty slick app that has helped me a lot! Thanks!

  • 3. Replaced all my paper
    ★★★★★ By: Photoguyinmo - 2023-05-12
    Once I started to use this app I no longer had a need for paper releases. I can keep multiple versions of releases both property and model and customize them to fit my needs. In addition the back up to the cloud and email pdfs ensures that both the model and I have a copy.

  • 4. Works great!
    ★★★★★ By: iorellanaa - 2023-05-06
    Pretty easy to use and set up. Many photoshoot done using this app and always just the best results and clarity for the model and for us as a photograohers.

  • 5. Editorial property consent
    ★★★★★ By: иван шиленко - 2022-12-24
    Добавьте пожалуйста возможность делать релиз от Istock на editorial content Thnx!

  • 6. Recently I cannot send it via email
    ★★★★ By: fabbuii - 2022-04-29
    It used to work but now whe I choose the option to send it via email the sent button is greyed out. Any ideas???

  • 7. Solid App - Could use some Updating
    ★★★★ By: UserUserNumbers - 2022-04-22
    This is a feature-rich release app which offers tons of flexibility for working photographers and videographers. It could, however, use some stability improvements to work smoothly on the latest iOS builds - lack of updates, random crashes, failures to initialize, and intermittent hang-ups call into question the price tag on this software.

  • 8. Really great app for serious photographer
    ★★★★★ By: miro mvp - 2022-03-26
    Great application, if you are stock photographer or people photographer it was your app #1 Really good investment. And believe me, they are respond if You have a problem. Thank You for great product.

  • 9. Won’t email
    ★★★★ By: PleaseAdviseASAP - 2021-12-14
    I honestly LOVE this app! However, recently I cannot get it to sent releases via email. It’s extremely frustrating and causing extra time now to get my releases because I can’t download them to my phone from my Google drive either. Would love some advise if possible.

  • 10. Excellent model release
    ★★★★★ By: jodi jacobson - 2021-11-19
    I believe this is the only model release Gettyimages takes. I have been using it for years.

  • 11. Almost great, but one issue
    ★★★★ By: Cgephart - 2021-02-06
    I like the app. Best one I have tested. The only issue I see as a shortcoming, and a fairly significant one at that, is that it seems to require iOS Mail to send releases. I use a 3rd party Mail/calendar app (Spark) because, frankly, there are several that are much better than iOS Mail. Make it work with 3rd party email apps and it will be a fantastic product.

  • 12. Fast support. Had a big. Fixed quickly
    ★★★★★ By: Meximus808 - 2020-12-02
    I had a bug and wasn’t able to make releases. Support responded within 24 hrs. Now I’m back to using this great app.

  • 13. Great App!
    ★★★★★ By: Jebb - 2020-11-05
    This is a straight forward app that does what it says it does. It’s really nice to know that the built-in releases are accepted by Getty too! If I could add functionality it would be the following. 1. A copy feature or a way to say “make x number of this one” for times when I’m prepping for a shoot that has a lot of subjects, but not a lot of time. That way I could prepare a bunch of blank releases with the shoot name and shoot ID prior to the shoot. 2. QR code people could scan and then sign on their own device. 3. A web based version to get signatures on any computer or device.

  • 14. Easy Release -
    ★★★★★ By: mikeooooo345 - 2020-08-10
    I just started using this app but I am extremely impressed by it. Excellent and quick response from the support team. Would highly recommend this to any photographer seeking an online, easily available solution to getting model/property release from clients

  • 15. Can you email to GET a signature? (Instead of signing on phone?)
    ★★★★★ By: Tarasuetx - 2020-04-16
    I’m now taking photos that require social distancing. Even handing someone a stylus that’s been hand-sanitized isn’t safe during COVID-19. I’d like to be able to email the release to the model for them to sign and return via email. Is this possible? Updated: Thanks for your response. I couldn’t find contact info for support in the app. Is it the option for “Feedback”? I sent an email using that but wasn’t sure if it was the right place.

  • 16. Life saver
    ★★★★★ By: Dining Divas tv - 2020-03-18
    Was looking high and low for something this awesome for my tv show. I never take time to write reviews but this is worth one

  • 17. LOVE this ap
    ★★★★★ By: Nashville jammer - 2020-02-09
    This ap is everything I want it to be. It makes model releases so easy and organized. No more papers. It works great for me and I highly recommend it as a pro photographer.

  • 18. Does all the hard work for me
    ★★★★★ By: Nessa Nessa Ness - 2020-02-07
    Was recommended to me by other videographers. I don’t know what I would do without this app. It does all the hard work for me. I’m still fairly new to model and property releases and I love knowing that I’m covered for each shoot. So convenient, easy to use, it’s almost too good to be true. I suddenly lost the ability to email the releases my way. Contacted customer support and received a detailed response within 24 hours. Problem solved. Definitely recommend!!!

  • 19. Great app
    ★★★★ By: Mehdi Fx - 2020-01-14
    If we can archive previous documents or hide , it shod be better.

  • 20. Terrific app and great support
    ★★★★★ By: jakopz - 2020-01-12
    Easy and quick. Fabulous support as well. No brainer if you need model releases on the fly.