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  • Enhanced Model Releases in 28 Languages (In-App Purchase / Android Only for Now!)

    New stock industry standard "Enhanced" model releases in 28 languages with new "Privacy Policy Footer" options.

    Languages included: Arabic, ChineseSimplified, ChineseTraditional, Danish, Dutch, English, EnglishUS, Finnish, French, FrenchAlternate, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, PortugueseBrasil, PortugueseEurope, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukranian, and Vietnamese

    (Posted: 2022/12/03 )
  • Easy Release celebrates 10 years of service to creatives!!!

    Back in early March 2010 we could only dream that Easy Release would become the industry standard that it's been all these years and we couldn't be more grateful. Our goal has always been to provide an easy to use, efficient and reliable platform that solves a common business problem faced by creative professionals all over the world, and we're thrilled that our continued success indicates that we've at least come close. We launched our Android version a few months later, over the years we added more language support, we continually added features, many of which were suggested by you, our loyal users! 2020 is a big year for us, with some great things coming later in the year; stay tuned!

    (Posted: 2020/04/12 )
  • Easy Release Pro for Android Released!
    Easy Release™ for Android has been completely rebuilt and now supports all the same functionality as its iOS counterpart! Easy Release Pro will now support all the same features and functionality as our iOS version. Check it out here: Easy Release Pro™ (v.3.4)
    (Posted: 2019/04/11 )
  • Easy Release ™ for Android Updated!
    Easy Release ™ ™ for Android has been updated to version 2.0.161209 and includes the addition of a software MENU button, it includes a new settings option to make DOB mandatory by disabling the Adult/Minor buttons, automatic data backup for Marshmallow or higher Android OS versions, and various bug fixes.
    (Posted: 2016/12/09 )
  • iOS 10 Compatible Version Released with New Features!
    Our iOS 10 compatible version 3.2.x has been released!. Among the new features that will delight users is the addition of "Auto-save PDF to DropBox" option and "Auto-save to iCloud-Drive folder" for those with iCloud enabled.
    (Posted: 2016/11/03 )
  • Renowned Camera Store SCHILLERS recommends Easy Release ™!
    "As our smart phones take over the roll of our computers you may be wondering, “how can I take better advantage of my phone to improve my shooting? What task can my phone do and which app is the best for that task? Some apps I will talk about here you have already heard about and some may not apply to the type of shooting you do. But it is still good to know what is out there. Most of the apps on this list work with both iphones and Android smart phones..." (Posted: 2016/02/29 )
  • An Informal Survey of Favorite Photo Apps - Mark Fitzgerald
    There are gillions of mobile apps for photographers on the market. It would probably take a lifetime to investigate each of them. Since I know lots of photographers and am friends with many on Facebook, I decided to do an informal survey by posting the following question: “What are your favorite photo apps on your phone? I’m not talking about camera or processing apps. I’m referring to other sorts of tools, like sunrise/sunset calculators, light meters, model releases, etc.”
    (Posted: 2015/12/30 )
  • FWD:Labs - Recommends Easy Release ™ for PRODUCERS!
    Apps for Pro Filmmakers: "Apps for Pro Filmmakers" is a curated database of professional filmmaking apps that can help you get a job done a little better or a little faster. This is a regularly updated resource of 383 (and counting) mobile, tablet, watch, and now desktop apps. We only include apps made for and used by film, television, and digital media professionals.
    (Posted: 2015/12/22 )
  • TOP Video Mobile Apps 2015 - Dan Morris Photography
    The proliferation of smart phones and tablets has been both a boon for visual artists as well as a curse. Though these devices can distract us with constant notifications, they can also be tamed! In that light, I’ve presented a few apps here I think are must-have’s for any visual artist.
    (Posted: 2015/10/07 )
  • "strongly recommends" use of Easy Release ™ by its contributors!
    "We strongly recommend that you use Easy Release ™. In extensive testing, Easy Release ™ has been a joy to use and the releases it produces meet all of our requirements." they also say: "We strongly advise that our contributors use Easy Release ™. This app is available on iPhone/iPad and Android and works in all of our supported language. It contains all the information we require so you don't need to add anything."
    From: iStock digital release FAQ page and iStock Announcement

    (Posted: 2012/07/12 )
  • Easy Release ™ named among: The 100 Best Apps of 2011 by Terry White's Best App Site
    "I use Easy Release ™ on a regular basis for model and property releases. The formatting is great and the App saves me time and eliminates paper." Terry White,

    "As you know here at Best App Site we don't review just any old App. In order to make it here it has to be one of the BEST Apps on the App Store. We've seen and reviewed hundreds of great Apps in 2011, but now it's time to pick the BEST of the BEST! Erik Bernskiold, Jason Lykins and myself have narrowed down our favorites to provide this list of what we feel were the 100 BEST APPS of 2011!" Terry White,

    (Posted: 2012/01/02 )
  • Photo District News (PDN) - Gear: "Five More Great iPad Apps for Photographers" includes: Easy Release ™
    Read the story in PDN:
    (Posted: 2010/12/20 )
  • Easy Release ™: Approved for use by Getty Images Contributors
    We are proud to announce that Easy Release ™ 1.8 for iOS, is the first application approved by Getty Images, Inc for creating digital model and property releases. Robert Giroux, founder of ApplicationGap, says “Since its release in March 2010, Easy Release ™ has gained wide and enthusiastic acceptance from professional photographers. While many stock agencies have for months been accepting model and property releases created with Easy Release ™, approval by Getty Images means far more professionals will be able to take advantage of our application to save time and money.” Giroux continues, “Over the last several months we have worked hard to make sure Easy Release ™ meets all of Getty’s strict standards and requirements. Easy Release ™ is now a better tool than ever for creating professional and reliable model and property releases quickly and easily from wherever you are.” Getty Images joins several other stock agencies, most notably Alamy, who already accept releases created with Easy Release ™.

    Getty announced its approval on November 9th, 2010 via its creative contributor web site ( Getty contributors should refer to Getty’s site for the latest rules and restrictions related to digital releases. At this time, Getty has only approved Easy Release ™ for iOS version 1.8.100814 (the current version available in Apple’s App Store). Also, Getty has placed some restrictions on digital releases created in China, due to local laws.

    Getty Images, Inc ( is the world’s leading stock photography agency. With offices worldwide, Getty Images provides creative and editorial imagery and video to every industry.

    ApplicationGap ( is the leading provider of mobile model and property release software for the iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android platforms.

    Download PDF of Press Release

    (Posted: 2010/11/10 )
  • Great Review in France by Le blog de
    Nicely done review, in French, of course!
    (Posted: 2010/09/14 )
  • Easy Release ™ for Android Released!
    ApplicationGap is proud to announce the release of our Android version of Easy Release ™ available exclusively via the Android Market.

    (Posted: 2010/07/11 )
  • Easy Release ™ v1.7 Now in App Store!
    - A4 page size support
    - Optional "BCC" setting to automatically send PDFs to an additional email address
    - Alternate PDF Engine support for better compatibility with Google Docs and Windows PDF viewers

    - Turn branding on and off per-release, and per-template
    - You can specify a Title for your custom release (the Title is displayed in large bold letters at the top of the release PDF). This field defaults to "Model Release" or "Property Release", depending on the kind of custom release you are creating.

    Bug fixes
    - Better forward compatibility with future versions of iPhone OS

    (Posted: 2010/06/21)
  • Easy Release ™ v1.6 Now in App Store!
        - Native iPad support
        - Complete landscape-mode support

        - Optionally get model info from Contacts
        - Optionally select shoot location from list of recent locations
        - If you don't know model's exact date of birth, you can just specify Adult or Minor
        - Support for wider logos

        - New UI Languages: swedish, french, german, spanish, italian, japanese
        - New release language: swedish

    (Posted: 2010/04/27)
  • Top Notch UK Based International Stock Photo Agency "Alamy" Recommends Easy Release ™!
    "Following on from our recent announcement on the facility to upload releases to Alamy, we'd like to recommend a handy release application available for your iPhone called Easy Release ™.
    Removing the annoying and sometimes awkward need to handle physical model and property releases, Easy Release ™ allows you to create PDF release forms quickly and conveniently. You simply enter the step by step details, attach an image and digitally sign - all on the screen of your iPhone. You can then email the PDF to yourself and / or the model / property owner and store this on your computer. This PDF file is acceptable for Alamy and you can upload the release to us in the usual way."
    Said: James Allsworth - ALAMY Content Executive

    (Posted: 2010/04/01 )
  • "The Digital Trekker" blog review!
    Review: Easy Release ™ model release app – The Best!
    "Right now, Easy Release ™ is well worth the $10 and stands head and shoulders above any of it’s competition."

    (Posted: 2010/03/31 )
  • Easy Release ™ v1.5 Now on App Store!
    Major new features added including:
    NEW! - Customizable “branding header” for logo image, company name, and contact info.
    NEW! - Release legal text is now fully customizable. Add your own TFCD, TFP, or any other kind of releases!
    NEW! - Add as many custom model and property versions as you want.
    NEW! - Custom releases may contain "field-placeholders" for inserting data into the body of your legal text. Simply prepare your custom releases in an email to yourself then copy/past into Easy Release ™!
    NEW! - For each release, you may specify an optional "Addendum" to legal text which prints below your text.

    ( Posted: 2010/03/28 )
  • Review - Thank You!
    (Posted: 2010/03/21 )
  • Some of Our Press Release Mentions - Thank You!

    (Posted: 2010/03/21 )
  • ApplicationGap Launches "Easy Release ™" Model and Property Release iPhone App!
    Create Unlimited Model and Property Releases on Your iPhone, in 12 Languages
    and Get Them Signed Right on the Touch Screen!

    Download the Press Release: For_Immediate_Release_ER.pdf
    (Posted: 2010/03/11)